Tom 10 / Volume 10

Preventive conservation of the human environment 6. Architecture as an element of the landscape(2018)
Red. Weronika Kobylińska-BunschZbigniew KobylińskiLouis Daniel Nebelsick

Spis treści (Contents):
Weronika Kobylińska-BunschZbigniew Kobyliński and Louis Daniel Nebelsick – Preface
Andrzej Tomaszewski – Environmental preventive conservation
Zbigniew Kobyliński and Weronika Kobylińska-Bunsch – The idea of preventive conservation of human environment
Lazare Eloundou Assomo – Preventive conservation of the human environment: architecture as an element of the landscape
Stefano De Caro – The role of the architecture in the creation, enhancement and preservation of cultural landscapes
Paolo Del Bianco – World Heritage SITES for DIALOGUE: heritage for intercultural dialogue, through travel, “Life Beyond Tourism”
Barsha AmarendraBishnu Tamuli and Amarendra Kumar Das – Role of cultural sustainability of a tribe in developing a timeless cultural landscape: a case study of the Apatani tribe
Cynthia M. Ammerman – The corporate and cultural: honoring the monumental in Kansas City, Missouri
Marek Barański – Damaged landscape of Ancient Palmyra and its recovery
Ewa M. Charowska – The art of (architectural) reconstruction at archaeological sites in situ within the context of cultural landscapes
Urszula Forczek-BrataniecAna Luengo and Tony Williams – Lessons from landscape, landscape archetypes
Joanna Gruszczyńska – The city for people – the image of post-industrial sites in modern city
Eva GutscovenAna Pereira Roders and Koen Van Balen – Sustainability by management: a comparative policy study of the World Heritage cities of Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Querétaro
Tetiana Kazantseva – Polychromy in architecture as a manifestation of the link between man and environment
Weronika Kobylińska-Bunsch – Capturing architecture – the poetic vision of cultural heritage in the inter-war Polish pictorial photography
Zbigniew Kobyliński – Landscape with ruins: preservation and presentation of archaeological relics of architecture
Diederik de Koning – Educating architects: the problem with agricultural buildings
Heiner Krellig – Historic gardens and climate change. Conclusions and perspectives
Karen Lens and Nikolaas Vande Keere – The monastic landscape – carrier of memory and potential catalyst in conservation and adaptive reuse processes of material and immaterial heritage
Mingqian Liu – The missing landscape of Yuanmingyuan: preservation and revitalisation of a Chinese imperial garden
Estefanía López Salas – Seeking the traces of a former monastic landscape in the vicinity of Samos Abbey (Galicia, Spain)
Fernando Magalhães – Landscape and national identity in Portugal
Romano Martini and Cristiano Luchetti – The city that penetrates the sky
Christine McCarthy – Siting penal heritage: a history of Wellington’s prison landscape
Louis Daniel Nebelsick – Phantom heritage: Thingstätten and “sacred” landscapes of the Third Reich
Ewa Paszkiewicz – 21st Century Garden with exhibition pavilion in Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw
Kamil Rabiega – The meanings of ruins for the history of the cultural landscape on the example of the remains of the castle complex at Wyszyna
Petro Rychkov and Nataliya Lushnikova – Dissolving materiality: ruins and plant relicts in the landscape parks by Denis McClair at Volhynia
Işılay Tiarnagh Sheridan – Memory of the landscape: revelation through architecture and built environment at the Çamalti Saltern
Juan Alejandro Saldarriaga Sierra – Pre-Hispanic walkscapes in Medellín, Colombia
Carinna Soares de Sousa and Almir Francisco Reis – The invisible and endangered landscape: the case of the margins of the Cascavel Stream in Goiânia, Brazil
Aleksandra Stępniewska – Diamond mines shaping the South African landscapes
Ingrida Veliutė – (Un)wanted heritage in the cityscape – arguments for destruction or reuse. The case of the city of Kaunas
Anna Wiśnicka – The Nordic Pavilion projects at the 2016 Venice Biennale. Scandinavian approach to architectural landscape
Dominik Ziarkowski – Architecture in the cultural landscape of the Prądnik Valley


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