Tom 13 / Volume 13

Sacred space: contributions to the archaeology of belief(2018)
Red. Louis Daniel NebelsickJoanna Wawrzeniuk i 
Katarzyna Zeman-Wiśniewska

Spis treści:
Louis Daniel NebelsickJoanna Wawrzeniuk i Katarzyna Zeman-Wiśniewska – Preface
Marta Kaczmarek – Settlements of the Brześć Kujawski Group of the Lengyel Culture – places of sacrum or profanum?
Christine Winkelmann – Places of ritual activity in pre-Bronze Age Cyprus
Katarzyna Zeman-Wiśniewska – The space above. Sacred sky in Prehistoric Cyprus
Louis Daniel Nebelsick i Grzegorz Łyszkowicz – Copper artefact deposits in waters and wetlands during the later 5th and 4th millennium BC in the territory of Poland
Laerke Recht – „Asses were buried with him”. Equids as markers of sacred space in the third and second millennia BC in the Eastern Mediterranean
Nicola Scheyhing – Fossilising the Holy. Aniconic standing stones of the Near East
Antonia Flontas – Jewelry depositions from the end of the 2nd millennium BC from the Romanian Carpathian Basin
lmke Westhausen – Early Iron Age hoards between Brittany and the Carpathian basin – a preliminary review
Krzysztof Narloch – The largest European area of the sacred
Zbigniew Kobyliński – Sacred space of the Iron Age enclosed sites in the north-eastern Poland
Roman Szlązak – Towards a sacred topography of Early Byzantine Thessaloniki
Edvard Zajkovski – The Central European Watershed as a part of the space of the pagan sacred
Adriana Ciesielska – Selected concepts of power and sacral space
Zbigniew Kobyliński i Kamil Rabiega – The symbolic role of boats and ships in pagan and Christian Medieval Northern Europe
Bożena Józefów-Czerwińska – Sacred environment and sacred communication process according to ethnographic field research in the Nadbuże Region


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