Tom 12 / Volume 12

Roman horsemen against Germanic tribes.
The Rhineland frontier cavalry fighting styles
31 BC – AD 256 (2018)
Aut. Radosław Andrzej Gawroński

Introduction: tracing the changes
Background: horse domestication and cavalry traditions of the ancient Middle East, Scythia, Greece and Macedon
From citizen to auxiliary cavalry: the evolution of the Roman horse
Sources of advantage: horses and horse tack 
Innovation and conservatism: Roman cavalry arms and armour(to the end of Antonine dynasty)
A. Italian style
B. Celto-Thracian style
C. Lower Rhine “Germanic” style
D. Common features
The impact of the eastern fighting styles
Cavalry training and battle tactics
The opposition: Germanic warriors against Roman horse(to the end of the Marcomannic wars)
The shield wall revolution of the third century AD and its impact on cavalry equipment and fighting techniques
Epilogue: consequences of the change
Sources of illustrations
Colour plates
Appendix: colour reconstructions commentary 
List of tables


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